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Federal and State Criminal Defense Lawyer

Based Out Of Detroit

Since 1986, David Lee has practiced criminal-defense law exclusively. He has tried cases in Detroit and throughout the country. He represents many individuals connected to the sports, music and entertainment industries in criminal matters, both in Detroit and elsewhere. Furthermore, he represents a significant number of police officers and allied law enforcement professionals in both state and federal court. David has represented individuals in Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Florida. He has also appeared in over 20 counties in Michigan. Today, the majority of his practice consists of Federal Court “white and blue collar” litigation, however, he appears frequently in state courts for felonies ranging from drug offenses to criminal sexual conduct and other crimes of alleged violence and fraud.

The philosophy of David’s practice is simple. “I maintain a manageable caseload, make sure my clients have as much access to me as possible and do everything I can to obtain the best results under the circumstances. Also, I try never to forget that my clients are human beings first, and not just people that are accused of crimes. There are no guarantees or promises in my practice, except for those.”

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