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When an individual is suspected of being involved in a federal crime, they could be charged with conspiracy. A conspiracy charge can lead to a conviction and severe sentencing, even if the individual did not participate in or engage in the actual crime.

Since federal conspiracy convictions are punishable by the same large fines and prolonged prison sentences as the crimes to which they relate, it is imperative that anyone accused of conspiracy seek the immediate assistance of an experienced Detroit Federal Conspiracy Charges Attorney.

detroit federal conspiracy charges attorney

The Law Offices of David I. Lee, P.C.: Your Detroit Federal Conspiracy Attorney

The team at the Law Offices of David I. Lee, P.C., has extensive experience handling a range of conspiracy cases, such as large-scale drug conspiracies and other multi-defendant conspiracy cases. In one such case, our diligent and hard work to defend our clients led to all the defendants being acquitted.

Our firm can take on a wide range of conspiracy cases of any size or complexity due to the extensive knowledge and skill that we have honed and acquired over several decades of handling exclusively criminal defense cases.

What Are Federal Conspiracy Offenses?

Federal conspiracy offenses cover a broad range of actions, as they can legally include the intention to commit any act that would violate federal law if that act were successfully carried out. What makes the charge a conspiracy is the agreement between at least two parties that knowingly intend on completing the federal offense.

Most commonly, this includes or refers to:

  • Drug Conspiracy: Drug conspiracies typically involve a group of individuals collectively making, buying, selling, distributing, or otherwise possessing illegal drugs or other illicit or controlled substances.

If more than one party is charged with conspiracy, each individual could be held liable for the actions of just one of their co-conspirators, whether that individual was found to have committed an intentional act or not.

  • Fraud Conspiracy: Fraud conspiracies involve a group of two or more individuals who have agreed to work together to commit fraudulent acts intended to deceive others for personal or financial gain.

As in any conspiracy case, any individual involved in the conspiracy may be held liable for the individual actions of any one member of their co-conspirators, whether they themselves were shown to have committed any unlawful act.

  • White-Collar Crime Conspiracy: A conspiracy to commit a non-violent act of deception that is generally financially motivated constitutes a white-collar crime conspiracy. This can include, but is not limited to, acts of corruption, insider trading, embezzlement, or bribery.

It is common for conspiracy charges to be imposed on some defendants to coerce individual members of a conspiracy group to disclose incriminating evidence or information on their co-conspirators, as they can otherwise be held liable to the same sentence as those who would have committed the violating act.

For this reason, all conspiracy charges should be taken very seriously, and anyone accused of conspiracy should seek the help of an experienced Detroit Federal Conspiracy Charges Attorney as soon as possible.

What Determines a Guilty Verdict on a Conspiracy Charge?

To secure a conviction of conspiracy, the prosecution must provide sufficient evidence to prove two things:

  1. There was an agreement between two or more parties to engage in an act that would violate a federal or state law.
  2. One or more of the conspirators intentionally engaged in at least one action toward accomplishing the objective of the agreement.

It is important to note that neither federal nor Michigan state law requires a defendant to have successfully completed their criminal objective to be convicted of conspiracy. It is only necessary to prove that they took action towards completing their goal with both the intent to do so and an agreement with at least one other person with whom to carry it out.

What Is the Sentencing for Federal Conspiracy?

Federal guidelines for sentencing convictions on conspiracy charges are dependent on the crime or act for which the defendant is accused of conspiring to commit. In other words, many conspiracy charges will carry sentences equal to or commensurate with the minimum sentencing that would have been given had the defendant successfully committed the act for which they are alleged to have conspired.

As a result, many conspiracy charges carry mandatory minimum sentences of five, ten, or twenty years in prison.

What Is the Conspiracy Law in Michigan?

Michigan law penalizes conspiracy to either commit an offense or commit a legal act in an illegal manner in several ways, depending on the legal nature of the act itself:

  • If committing the alleged act is an offense prohibited by Michigan law, then conspiracy to commit the act is punishable by a penalty equal to what would have been imposed had the defendant been found guilty of completing the crime in which they conspired to commit. This is true when the imprisonment imposed by law lasts for more than one year.
  • If committing the alleged act is an offense punishable by no more than one year of imprisonment according to Michigan law, then conspiracy to commit the act is equally punishable by no more than one year of imprisonment.
  • If the alleged act is an offense relative to gambling or illegal wagering of any kind, the conspiracy is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for no more than five years.
  • If the alleged act is a legal act that was conspired to be committed in an illegal manner, the conspiracy is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for no more than five years.

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Due to the unique nature of the process by which individuals accused of conspiracy can face conviction, seeking the skill of an experienced  federal criminal defense attorney is paramount. You don’t want to receive an extended prison sentence or a hefty fine over an alleged association with a conspiracy. If you’ve been suspected of being involved with a federal crime in Detroit, MI, and are being charged with conspiracy, contact the Law Offices of David I. Lee, P.C., today. Let us fight for your rights and give yourself the greatest chance of securing an ideal outcome in your case.

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